Mates first,

Family first,

Friends first,

People first, always.

Dedicated to bring real change


The Real Group unites a diverse group of highly successful businesses based in Central Queensland – including Undamine, Coal Train, iTrain, The Rocks, Hooked Fishing, CQ Waste and The Keppel Barge – each with distinct strengths and capabilities and a history of community engagement and support. Dedicated to bringing real change by giving back, we create jobs, empower individuals and support the local region.

By continuing to expand our businesses and employment opportunities by diversifying into new ventures, we can in turn expand our charitable works and support disadvantaged groups.

The Real Group will continue to bring a level of excellence, expertise and growth across our eight companies – including in the fields of training, contracting, private charters and more – while uniting under our guiding principle of people first, always.

In addition to donating money to individuals, services and causes that most affect the people in our local communities, below are just a few of the exciting programs we have implemented.

Real skills

The Real Group have developed four complimentary programs in response to the needs of youth in the Capricorn Coast area and those who are severely disengaged from mainstream education and employment opportunities.

project beehive

Providing youth with the opportunity to sample working in the agricultural industry.

project chicken coop

Designed to provide youth with the opportunity to have hands-on experience looking after and maintaining poultry.

project greenhouse

Designed to give youth the opportunity to sample working in the horticultural industry.

driving program

A program to assist disengaged and otherwise disadvantaged youths to attain their driver’s licence.

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