Project Beehive

Real Skills

The Real Group are developing a program to assist disengaged youths who are not in education or employment to learn about bee keeping. Project Beehive is designed to impart practical skills that are transferrable into other areas (including employment, study or home life) and to allow participants to experience for themselves the positive benefits of participating in employment and learning new skills.

Participants will gain practical skills in bee-keeping, honey harvesting, and maintaining the resultant food product that will be used locally in commercial kitchens, cafes and restaurants. Project Beehive provides youth with the opportunity to sample working in the agricultural industry, with possible pathways into further education and or employment.

As a social farming program, Project Beehive also offers benefits to the youth participants beyond physical hands-on experience, including personal development skills and improved mental health.

The aims of Project Beehive are for participants to begin learning and displaying adult behaviours, gain independence, learn a lifelong skill, increase their employment prospects and increase their sense confidence and self-worth.

Project Beehive will be managed by a Program Coordinator and mentors who are suitably experienced in working with, mentoring and training disadvantaged youth.

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