Driving Program

Real Skills

The Real Group are developing a learn-to-drive program to assist disengaged and otherwise disadvantaged youths to attain their driver’s licence.

A driver’s license has multiple benefits for disengaged youth, from significantly increasing their chances of gaining employment and helping them access education to increasing their sense of well-being. However, disengaged youth typically face multiple barriers to attaining their driver’s licence – the major concerns include no access to a roadworthy vehicle and no access to a parent, guardian or volunteer to act as a supervising driver.

Our Driving Program will pair participants with a Qualified Driver Trainer to teach them safe driving skills. The program also provides a team of mentors with Driver Authorisations to ensure participants can accrue the 100 hours of driving experience required prior to their practical driving test.

The Real Group will purchase a compliant, dual-pedal Learn-to-Drive vehicle that adheres to all Australian Safety Standards. We will also undertake training of all relevant personnel in Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics (Road Transport – Car Driving instruction). This will ensure we provide a comprehensive Driver Training program with trainers who can best help our learner driver participants to develop safe and reliable driving skills (and to pass their driving tests).

The aims of our Driving Program are for participants to begin learning and displaying adult behaviours, gain independence, learn a lifelong skill, increase their employment prospects and increase their sense confidence and self-worth. Road safety will also be an important focus of the program due to the alarming number of young people dying on our roads each year. 

The Real Group will additionally offer youth participants’ family members who do not have a Queensland driver’s licence the opportunity to attend and participate in Driver Training – which they are welcome to accept or decline. 

While several other learn-to-drive programs are currently offered in Rockhampton and Yeppoon, disadvantaged youth experience barriers to travelling to their driving lessons due to factors such as living in a remote location and the unreliability of public transport. Many programs also have waitlists for youths who are trying to obtain their 100 hours of driving time due to limited numbers of driver mentors and volunteers.  

The Real Group’s Driving Program provides comprehensive wrap-around support for each participant to ensure they have sufficient access to both driving lessons and supervising driver mentors. Our program is designed to ensure the greatest outcomes for youth: participants will gain not only a Queensland driver’s licence but also life skills, increased confidence and independence.

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